All vitamins that your hair needs to grow well are in Hairvitals. Hairvitals is a vitamin that focuses on healthy hair and beautiful nails.
Why do we recommend HairVitals?

Do you drink more than six cups of coffee a day?
Serious risk of a shortage of Iron and Calcium.

Do you smoke?
Less blood flow in the scalp, so less nutrition for the hair.

Are you on a diet?
Serious risk of a shortage of Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Zinc, Iron etc.

Do you eat less than 4 pieces of fruit a day?
Serious risk of a shortage of Vitamin A, B and / or C.

Is your answer to one of these questions "YES" then we recommend HairVitals.
In HairVitals are all above ingredients (and more) that makes your hair and nails healthier and fuller.


• Supports the condition of the hair from within.
• Is good for the hair.
• Helps to keep the skin beautiful.
• Strengthens the nails.
• Is good for the connective tissue in the skin.
• Supports in hair loss and hair growth problems.
• Gives shine to the hair.
• Protects the hair and skin from aging.
• Has effect as antioxidant.

What does it cost?

The recommended amount in the first 3 months is 2 capsules daily. (2 boxes per month)
Hereafter you may use 1 capsule daily.
Price per box of 30 capsules: € 17,95

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